Bringing a dream to life involves so many learning curves & questions. When it comes to branding, rest assured that I've got your back every step of the way. Find my most frequently asked questions here, and if you still need help, drop me a line!

Do you offer logo only packages?

Do you offer logos only?

The short answer? No.
The long answer : Like most designers, I started my career offering just that. And after many years – and many lessons learned – I now only offer packages that include some level of strategy and supporting brand elements. I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to approach branding in a holistic way and in order to get you results, you need to begin with a strong foundation. It’s important that our design choices have intention and purpose to them, and that comes directly through our strategy work. After seeing how valuable it is to have an entire visual voice, including supporting elements like brand colours, fonts, and more, I only offer services that I know will bring you success, and my packages are built to do just that.

Keep in mind every branding package is customized to your unique needs so some packages are more extensive than others. 

Do you offer a-la-carte items?

Absolutely! Many of my branding clients become returning regulars for additional design material such as packaging, stationery, social media graphics, look books and more! I also offer brand coaching and consulting services. Because it’s important to approach every project in a holistic way, I only offer these items to past or present branding clients, since we have that strategic foundation already built, along with a strong brand design we feel confident working with.

What does the cost look like?

Since no two businesses have the exact same needs or are at the exact same point of their journey, each and every branding package is customized. I like to hop on a call together and determine your goals so we can create a proposal that is tailored to you. If you have a specific budget, be sure to mention that when filling out our inquiry form.

Knowing that branding is a big investment, I offer payment plans and can break costs down into quarterly payments with the first 25% being required to reserve your booking.

If you'd like to learn more, check out my blog posts on this topic or book a call to get a quote!

How long do projects take?

My branding packages typically take about 4-8 weeks, depending on the scope of the project. After our initial discovery call, I will put together a proposal with a more detailed time estimate. I do offer Mini Brand Packages that can be completed in about one week as well.

If you have a specific time frame in mind, be sure to let me know so I can try my best to work around that. My availability varies throughout the year, but I typically book projects 1-3 months in advance.

How do I get started with you?

To apply to work with me, please fill out my client application form found on our Contact page. This form will give me some useful preliminary info about your project and your needs. I'll carefully review and then get in touch with you to set up a call and chat more about next steps!

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"Look past all the courses, tips and memberships and work with Cali to create that foundation for your brand. She heard all the things I wanted for my business and brought it to life for my brand. She is just so incredibly talented and creates such quality designs that have impact and intention. I can 100% say that working with Cali is the best investment I could've made for my business" 


"I highly recommend Cali to create design that connects you to your audience while keeping the authenticity of personal style in mind. Cali really guides you through the whole process with understanding and confidence. The passion put into the branding is evident in the attention to detail and explaining the process. Cali & Co gives you the visual aid and connection to help you move forward with how you want to be viewed with what it is you have to offer the world.


"I have never in my life, by anyone felt so heard, understood, validated, acknowledged, EVERYTHING. Pretty much the whole presentation I was in tears. Welling up with so much belief in myself and this dream."

Kind words from clients



"Wow. Just wow! It’s way beyond what I could have imagined. I was close to tears when I saw the mock images. It feels so much more real & gives me confidence knowing I have a brand that will get me to my wildest dreams. That logo is an art. You seriously have such a talent."

tiny seeds

"Cali, I cannot stop looking through the brand package! Every few hours I go back and stare in amazement. You’re so talented. I knew from day one I could trust you to create something I would love but I had no idea I was going to be this obsessed. Everything you’ve done in this process has been so valuable. I am mind blown! I had no idea I was going to get as much out of this as I did. You really helped me create my whole brand and have given me so much insight. I will be forever grateful for this process! Dreams are coming true and this just solidified it!"


"If someone asks me what my favorite thing about 2020 was, it would be Cali & Co. and my Nespresso machine. Smartest 2 things I've done!"

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